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Genders based division of labor
The decision of work into two categories based on sex or gender. The result is that men and women do different kinds of work.
Often women from poor countries (such as Zimbabwe) find themselves working in richer countries (such as South Africa) as caretakers, nannies or maids.
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Informal economy
The part of the economy in which goods and services that are exchanged government control
The Resolution concerning work and the informal economy adopted by the International Labor Conference in June 2002 called for the needs of workers and economic units in the informal economy to be addressed, with emphasis on an integrated approach from a decent work perspective.


Micro enterprise
a very small business with little or no employees
Drawing on interviews with micro-entrepreneurs and micro-finance practitioners in Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Togo, the study explores the needs, characteristics, motivations, and success factors for micro-entrepreneurship in the region, together.
Micro entrepreneur
a person Starts and runs very small business
Micro-entrepreneurship in the informal sector plays a vital role in generating employment and income in West Africa. Business success factors for micro-entrepreneurs involved in the production and sale of street foods in Niger, drawing on the resource-based view theory are important variables. Business success was measured by size of firm and vendor's perception of enterprise growth.

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