Posting Directions for Team Pages:

1. Create a New Page: (by clicking on the plus sign by Pages and Files in the Navigation Bar on the left).
2. Name the Page: Your Topic Question and your First Name and Last Initial (ex. Should We Limit Urban Sprawl? Kathy M.)
3. Pull down the drop down box underneath the words: Use a Template and click on capstone12.
3. Tag your Page: capstoneteam (plus your hour) ex. capstoneteam1
4. Click: Create

*If your team page does not show up when you click on the hour below:

1. Go to All Pages (found on the navigation bar on the left)
2. Find your page and click on it.
3. Edit tag (make sure it says capstoneteam and the number of your hour)
4. Click Save

1st hour teams

2nd hour teams

4th hour teams

5th hour teams

6th hour teams